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google recently launched Google amplifier app

Google is recently launched their amazing Google Amplifier App. If your are quilted Songs lover then this application is more helpful to you. This application to change your Hearing Experience and you are more customize your Sound Like equilizer adjustment Noise reduction etc. This application is only work on when you plugged in your Headset cause Headset sound is most effective to controlling the sound and they are too matter. 
Google is pre-installed this app to their upcoming new version of android. But If you are using on android oreo and later, Then you have install this app on Google Play Store. Simple looks and Simply two button are Present Sound and Noise. You are definitely adjusting your song voice and Remove of sound haziness.


  • Simple UI but More effective
  • Download on >> Amplifier app on Google Play Store.
  • Open Amplifier app
  • Plugged in your headphones
  • Select on Sound, You see two options Boost, Fine tuning or you can Select on Adjust ear Separately but I will not recommend.
  • Select on Noise >> You can adjust your Noise level.

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