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Facebook and Instagram to change their name
Social gients Instagram and WhatsApp is most popular apps on globally. Facebook founder Mark Zukerberg was bought photo sharing app Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014. Now They are very popular. India is the first country who are huge capacity of using on WhatsApp. 1.5 million of active monthly user in india.
   Now recently Facebook was announced their popular apps WhatsApp and Instagram are renamed on google Playstore and Apple app store. They have decided their new name “WhatsApp from Facebook” and “Instagram from facebook”. The new names will also be visible on the user panel. However, nothing has been said about any new featured from the Facebook app.
The objective to rebrand these apps is that Facebook needs it possession to be visible . A Facebook interpreter told the knowledge, we wish to be clearer concerning the merchandise and services that area unit a part of Facebook. The social media big actually encompasses a grand vision of a connected messaging system between Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.



A few years ago Facebook is ported there same feature is implemented like instagram Stories and Whatsapp Status as to facebook stories (although this feature in itself was inspired from Snapchat).
It is true that Facebook has been confirmed for the expansion of those 2 platforms into what we all know of them these days. However, Facebook itself has been concerned in several controversies within the previous few years associated with knowledge privacy and security considerations. Instagram and WhatsApp are mostly unbroken unaffected from these however everybody fears that Facebook may do one thing like these platforms.

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