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Just imagine a situation, Where you have no Internet connectivity and you want to more important to high priority banking transactions. Do you need to booking your favorite movie tickets and Your Internet connection is too slow?
Let’s introduce a new method where you can Send money for bank to bank and book your favorite movie tickets to without data connection. NUUP (National Unified USSD Platform) has partnership to UPI (Unified Payment Interface) and develop a unique method Send money to without Internet connectivity, Just Dailing a Particular USSD code. Open a dailer Pad and type on *99# and this Phone number must be attached on your bank account then you access this method. The major Service offered, like Check account balance, money Sending, Receiving, Request for money. For Transfer money require to UPI ID who are bank linked, Aadhaar number, Account No. + IFSC and send money very easily.

NPCI controlled Ussd based service will available to 24×7 and RBI Set a limit amount of Rs.5000 per transaction.
According to Trai guidelines, when you Use this USSD based service, then Telecom operator may charge upto Rs. 1.50 per transaction.


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