Today I will Discuss, Ganesha Story. Imagine Ganesha is a Human Being and He tell her Life Story. In This article I am don’t speak to Story of Ganesha. Ganesha Tell her Own Story.
At Last I am Give a Ganesha PHP Viral Script. So Guys Hopefully enjoying This Story and Let’s Go……..

Hi my name is Ganesha and you probably see me everywhere do you know how I came to be well let me tell you once upon a time high up in the Himalayas my mother Parvati lived with her husband Shiva one
day my mother sat down to make a sculpture of a body she carefully mold the clay and ended up making a cute little boy chubby cheeks and everything she looked as his chubby and Roly likeness and was very pleased with her creation so she decided to give it life and this clay sculpture me came to life.
we were both ecstatic since my mother had gotten dirty from making me she decided to take a bath as my father great Shiva was away she told me to guard the door and not let any strangers in now I've never seen Shiva as I was just born i sat outside playing with the stick and minding my own business when a large man a blue and cool came up to the hut not knowing who he was i yes stop and he replied how dare you I am Shiva with that he raised it to show and swiped off my head sharing the noise my mother came running out of the hunt and what have you done to her son
I made him out of the earth with such love and you have gone and chopped his head off boy was she my Charlie he promised my mother that he would find a suitable head for their little boy so off he went into the father's company Shiva was back in no time with the head of an elephant which he fixed on to me he then patted me and told me how proud he was of me fifty honestly obeying my mother's orders and gave me blessings of prosperity and intelligence since then I've been known by many many names like Cigna hatha Siddhivinayak and dr. Turner and I am did a movie of all obstacles you.
Good Bye Friends This is my Story.

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